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Premium Composite Wall Panel Systems

Pro Glass Installers LLC specializes in premium composite wall panel systems in the Southeast US. We have a team of experts that can professionally install all types of composite wall panel systems from the most trusted brands in the industry. The composite wall panel is a rain-screen system that eliminates caulk, utilizing clean reveals for an architecturally pleasing system. The system is constructed with metal composite material (MCM), available in various finishes and colors to complement any design scheme. Composite wall panel systems offer unmatched flexibility in design and provide dramatically improved style and impact.

Workers working on the office building glass using the lifting platform

Advantages of Composite Wall Panel Systems

Our aluminum composite wall panel systems can be worked into various shapes and enable curved surfaces to be wrapped in striking colors to create a new elegance in buildings and architecture. Our premium materials are rigid, lightweight, durable, and have exceptional heat- and sound-insulating properties. Other properties of our aluminum composite panels include ease of maintenance, suitability for all four seasons, fire retardance, quake proofing, surface flatness, and high resistance to rust and corrosion. They offer a better alternative to glass panels because they are easier to manufacture and install.

Why You Should Choose Our Composite Wall Panel System

Aluminum composite wall panels from Pro Glass Installers LLC are technologically advanced and versatile building systems utilized in various applications, and their unique features facilitate creative architecture. Composite wall panel systems offer modern, creative, and practical design possibilities for multiple applications, including panels for modern high-rise buildings satisfying the requirements of architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners. Over the years, our aluminum composite panels have been increasingly used by architects, engineers, and design contractors, substituting conventional building exterior and interior finishes such as granite and marbles and glass panels.

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