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Glass Curtain Wall System Fabrication

Pro Glass Installers LLC specializes in glass curtain wall systems in the Southeast US. Glass curtain wall systems offer versatility and an attractive, modernized style to any building’s exterior. These structurally independent systems are thin, lightweight, and flexible in their design because of their ability to span multiple floors. They’re also energy-efficient by providing air resistance and water diversion, which reduces the cost of heating, cooling, and lighting. Curtain wall systems have been a staple of modern building design since first being introduced in the 20th century. Let us help add a sleek, streamlined style to your next building project with our high-quality curtain wall system fabrication and installation.

Workers working on the office building glass using the lifting platform

What Are Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Curtain walls are a building enclosure system that attaches to the exterior of a building’s structure without carrying the load from floors or the roof. Since they’re structurally independent of the building, Curtain wall system construction is one of the fastest ways to close a structure very quickly. Utilizing this type of construction does take quite a bit of pre-planning and forethought. The system’s design plays an enormous role in the ease of fabrication, assembly, glazing, and ultimately, installation. The fabrication, assembly, and glazing are all performed in the controlled environment of the factory, under the watchful eyes of the QA/QC inspectors. The more significant majority of the problem areas of any glazing system are mitigated in the factory. However, close attention must be paid to a few places on the frames during the installation process to ensure that the system has air and watertight integrity for the life of the building.

We Can Handle Every Phase of Your Project

Understanding the basic concepts of curtain walls, the critical considerations of the varying curtain wall types, and the performance specifications for curtain wall systems is vital for collaborators in every phase of a building project. Our installers are experienced in installing all kinds of curtain wall systems using the most robust materials the market offers. Glass curtain walls that incorporate glass doors can be stick-built or unitized. Installers piece together the former on-site, while unitized designs are pre-manufactured for later installation. Both unitized and stick systems can be either interior or exterior glazed. Both types offer various advantages and disadvantages during the installation process. Interior glazed systems allow for glass or spandrel installation into curtain wall openings from the interior of the building. Interior glazed systems are often specified for low-rise buildings or applications with limited interior obstructions that allow for easy interior access.

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